Psychological therapy

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Cancer is a chronic-degenerative disease that, due to its aggressive evolution, puts the patient’s life at risk. This triggers a series of psychological reactions that impact the social, family, sexual and spiritual areas of the patient and loved ones. Given this, the intervention of a mental health professional trained in the area is important to promote comprehensive care.

Counselling in psycho-oncology proposes a model of prevention, psychotherapeutic intervention, rehabilitation and reintegration to daily life. It also provides palliative care from emotional parameters that lead the patient to improvement in quality of life.

It helps patients cope with the disease from the beginning and during the different stages: diagnosis, treatment, secondary reactions, remission, relapses and conclusion. 

The psychological process in the face of a significant loss is known as grief and refers, more specifically, to the emotional pain that is experienced after the disappearance of something or someone significant in our lives

In cases where the patient dies, care for the family is important when managing this process, with the aim of not leaving unresolved feelings during this process.

Una parte sumamente importante para realizar diagnóstico, y dar seguimiento de cualquier enfermedad es la toma de laboratorios de análisis clínicos.

Contamos con la más alta tecnología patentada para mejorar en un gran porcentaje la pérdida de la estructura capilar, así como otras opciones terapéuticas que ayudan a mantener un aspecto físico natural.