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Rheumatology is a discipline of Internal Medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect the joints, muscles, tendons and bones.

These diseases can be diverse and are generally expressed by persistent pain and inflammation.

Many of the rheumatologic diseases have vague or poorly defined symptoms, which is why a trained doctor is required to reach the diagnosis.

Making the correct, timely and early diagnosis is of vital importance in these conditions because they can progress to chronic and sometimes disabling diseases. In addition, it is important to indicate a timely and individualized treatment for each patient.

Today, the rheumatology medical team at WeCare Health is made up of professionally-trained and certified members with extensive experience in various rheumatologic conditions.

Our rheumatologists are available to attend individual patient consultations, to cooperate with the care in Emergency Services and to assist other physicians in the care of patients in the service of inter-consultations, or in the treatment of complex diseases that require immunosuppressant or biological therapies.