Project Information


WeCare provides quality urological medical care, with the highest standards of safety, quality and bedside manner, using the most advanced and standardized techniques and technologies worldwide.

Our objective is to be a leading regional and national care center for urological diseases, with our care model based on patient safety.

At WeCare our main focus in UROLOGY is to provide the patient with a highly specialized experience. We are experts in diagnosing and solving different urological conditions which can occur throughout one’s life.

Prevenir el cáncer

Reconstructive urology

Necessary after urological complications due to surgeries or high impact trauma, fistulas, strictures, incontinence.

Oncological urology

Diagnosis, surgical, and medical treatment of kidney, bladder, prostate and testicular cancer.

Hyperplasia of the prostate

Holmium laser treatment of prostate disease.

Urinary stones

Endoscopic laser treatment of urinary stones, regardless of size: kidney, ureter and bladder.

Urinary incontinence

Definitive surgical treatment of male and female urinary incontinence.

General urology

Urinary tract infections, chronic pelvic pain, circumcision.