At Bicon México, our various specialists are committed to providing excellent service and providing the best possible experience for all of our patients. Similarly, in our dental clinics we have state-of-the-art technology to meet the dental needs of every member of the family.

We offer different treatment alternatives that are adapted to the needs of each patient. Treatment planning is in accordance with the particular needs and expectations of each person.

We adhere to strict hygiene and sterilization controls for all equipment, so our patients can rest assured that their health is protected.

We know that our patients’ time is of great importance, so we offer extended hours in our offices and we also work on weekends.

Our agenda will always be programmed to respect appointment times. We also know that unforeseen events and dental emergencies do not adhere to schedules, so we are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week for emergencies. 

Our goal is to provide you with an effective service and to achieve this, we have the best facilities, the best protocols and the best team of professionals.

Dental specialties


This is the dentistry area in charge of the prevention and treatment of diseases that affect the supporting tissues of the teeth (gums and bones).

We are convinced that the best treatment is the prevention of the disease, for this reason we dedicate a large amount of our efforts to teaching preventive measures that maintain the oral health of our patients.
For the same reason, our control regime is very strict. We always reinforce proper hygiene techniques, a low sugar diet and periodic visits for cleaning and radiographic studies.
WeCare can help you control gum disease, gingivitis and periodontitis, and restore health to the gums and tissues that support your teeth.


Prosthodontics is the discipline in charge of the reconstruction of destroyed teeth, as well as the replacement of lost teeth.

There are various techniques for the reconstruction of teeth, among which are porcelain veneers and crowns.
If the shape or color of your teeth in not pleasing, or if your teeth show excessive wear or cracks that affect the aesthetics of your teeth, perhaps dental veneers are the solution.
Dental veneers are a very thin front attached to the surface of your tooth. They can change the color, or shape and improve tooth alignment.
Have you lost any teeth? To replace them, there are different types of prostheses. Among the various existing prostheses are fixed bridges, supported and cemented on teeth adjacent to the missing one, while removable prostheses are appliances that only rest on existing teeth and gums without being cemented.


This specialty is in charge of the study and treatment of dental pulp, your teeth’s nerves

When there is deep tooth decay and the nerve to the teeth is affected, severe pain occurs and can lead to infection.
Our specialists in endodontrics are in charge of taking care of dental nerve problems.
Current endodontic therapies are fast, effective and painless.

Pediatric dentistry

WeCare takes care of children’s teeth too.

The little ones deserve special treatment, including educational programs that teach them the importance of dental care as the pillar of tooth-disease prevention.
Specific techniques focused on child care prevent bad experiences and provide a strong>quick and effective solution to dental problems in children.


WeCare offers orthodontic treatments that corrects the malpositioning of teeth.

A healthy smile and proper occlusion can require tooth alignment with orthodontic treatments, ranging from braces to removable aligners like Invisalign.