We recently made the decision to retire and make our new home in Cabo San Lucas, a seemingly big life step with many decisions to be made, most importantly health care, to better enjoy these next life stages.

Through our local Insurance Agency, Shoreline Risk Advisers, we were advised to register with ‘WeCare – INTEGRATIVE HEALTH AND WELLNESS ’ for all medical, dental and pharmacy needs. A full physical was our first step and so unlike the healthcare we were used to in Canada that first appointment was over an hour, not rushed and very thorough. Lab tests were ordered and a follow-up with a strategy toward better health ensued.  

‘WeCare’ is located at the H+ Hospital and is a clinic offering a myriad of services from medical to beauty, infusion to dentistry; in essence a “One Stop Shop’. The excellent team at ‘WeCare’ also schedules lab and specialist appointments if required and the medical staff have full access to the hospital. ‘WeCare’ also ensures all billings are directed to your applicable insurer if requested. 

We can truly attest that the medical services we have received are better than anticipated. A Great Team offering outstanding services.  We are very thankful for the outstanding care and professionalism we have received and highly recommend their services.  

Best regards.